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Erica & Ben – Raleigh, NC Engagement Session

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

June 29, 2019

Erica & Ben will be getting married in Charlotte in spring of 2020 at the beautiful Alexander Homestead venue; however, they live in Raleigh. Ben is a Physician Assistant at a cardiology clinic and Erica is an occupational therapist at a pediatric clinic.

Their favorite activities to do together are traveling, going on hikes, playing disc golf, and playing with their dog, Piper.

We decided to meet in Raleigh at the gorgeous & spacious Dorothea Dix Park. Dorothea Dix Park is one of Ben and Erica’s favorite spots in Raleigh. They have made many happy memories there: hitting golf balls together in the field, throwing the frisbee, playing with their dog, attending festivals, and just walking around enjoying being together. We had gorgeous weather and the park practically all to ourselves for their session!

Ben and Erica met on New Year’s Eve 2016 in Charleston, SC, on the USS Yorktown for the Yorktown Countdown New Year’s Eve event. Erica was finishing up grad school in Charleston and Ben was visiting for New Years with a group of college friends. Ben walked up to Erica with a smile and said, “Hi, I’m Ben!” After the two started chatting, Ben asked Erica if she knew how to salsa dance, and when she said no, he asked if he could teach her. That night of dancing was the just the beginning of their story.

The next several months were filled with traveling between Raleigh and Charleston, making the long distance work before Erica moved to Raleigh. Then they continued their adventure traveling nationally and internationally, adopting a puppy together, and growing with one another.

Fast forward to April 28th, 2019, Ben proposed in Wilmington on the beach, just before sunset. Ben had been planning a weekend getaway to Wilmington, since Erica loves the beach. The Wednesday before the weekend they were supposed to go, Ben found out he had to work. He convinced Erica to drive 2 hours each way on a Sunday after he got home from work at noon. Erica convinced Ben to bring their pup, Piper, who had never been to the beach before.

After an hour or two of enjoying the beach, Ben suggested one last walk on the beach before they headed to dinner. On the walk back, Ben got down on one knee and asked Erica to marry him. When she said yes, a crowd started cheering, taking pictures, and blasting celebratory mariachi music! They offered to take Ben and Erica’s first picture as an engaged couple. “3..2..” and before the guy got to 1, the puppy took off running down the beach, sending them both chasing after her.

According to Erica, Ben’s best traits are how funny he is, how encouraging he is to any and every one, and how dedicated he is to his relationships and his work. Ben says that Erica’s best qualities are how big and full of love her heart is, her brilliant mind, and her stunning natural beauty.

Erica & Ben shared with me that what best defines their relationship is their infallible commitment to working on their relationship together and their desire to bring out the best in each other! As their photographer I witnessed this during their session and I cannot wait to capture what I know is going to be their stunning Alexander Homestead Wedding!

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